Meems Productions is a new production house still in establishing process. 
We do documentaries, fictions, promos, music videos.... Our creative universe is nourished by our passion for classics and the very dynamic pictures such as Bollywood, Chaplin, Bergmann, Burton and many others.  

Meems productions is composed by two crazy human beings:

Mirit Mikhail ( the mama)
French-Egyptian, cinema lover, filmmaker, scriptwriter, photographer, event organizer. Loving Bollywood, Baz Lurhman, Charlie Chaplin and Tim Burton. In parallel of her filmmaking career, she worked  in film festival organization for many years (Cannes film festival/ Cairo film festival/ Biennale des cinemas arabes de Paris/ The Egyptian and European  Luxor film festival). Many of her movies were released on tv and in festivals. 

Mahmoud Afify ( the dreamer/perfectionist)
Music lover, drummer, photographer and filmmaker. Specialized into photography and music. He worked on many fetaures sountracks.  Loving Bergman, the shadow games in aesthestic, National geographic and the metal music. He co-directed his first documentary 2014 ( 50 finalist at Sundance short film institute) and a short fiction in 2015.

They work together since 2012 and directed many documentaries. They worked for many international companies such as L'oréal, Rai uno, Al Monitor....

They do a unique duo between the image and the sound. 


- But a shadow of myself ( video art- docu / 2010) 

- 18 days in the heart of the Egyptian revolution (docu /  2011,                        broadcasted in tv and festivals)

- The right to vote. ( promo / 2012, broadcasted in tv)

- Sunny day by Aurelia Khazan ( 2012 / music video)

- Paraolympic weight lift team of Egypt (docu- Al Monitor / 2012)

- Drinking Fog (2014/ 50 finalists of the sundance institute short film               competition )

- Bollywood flash mob at cairo airport ( music video - Indian Embassy in Cairo/ 2014 & 2015)

- On the rode ( fiction / 2015) 
- Gofer ( 8 vidéos) For a new start-up specilalized in connecting extras with  bars/restaurats/hotel...
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